Traditional Spotted Dick




Spotted Dick with Custard


Here is a traditional, warm, comforting pudding which is perfect for the cold winter days.



12oz plain flour

6oz suet

3oz sugar

4oz currants

8oz milk

1tbsp butter



Put all dry ingredients into a bowl and stir thoroughly.

Add milk and bring ingredients together to make a firm dough.

Grease a baking sheet, then pat dough into a thick sausage shape ensuring it stays in the centre of baking sheet.

Roll up the dough firmly in the baking sheet. Tie the ends with string so it resembles a Christmas Cracker.

Place a steamer over a large pan of boiling water. Place the Spotted Dick dough into the steamer ensuring it doesn’t touch any water at all. Cover with a lid and steam for one hour.

Slice thickly to serve along with custard.




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