Christmas Countdown: Your week-by-week guide to getting organised for Christmas – Week 4

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We’re getting there! Hopefully we’ve been making things as manageable as possible with regards to both time and finances. Unfortunately for us, both are usually limited so making the most of what we have of both is essential.


Week 4 (w/c 11/11):

This week we’re focusing on preparing the home.

We have all heard of doing a spring clean at the end of winter, but how about getting the house ready for the festivities ahead? Planning the spot for your tree is one job, especially if space is limited. It might mean a move around of furniture, usually revealing those lesser used parts of the carpet quite visibly! This is a good time to give the carpet a wash, get the curtains cleaned (or replace the lighter summer curtains for heavier winter ones) and give the place a general freshen up ready for its Christmas decoration makeover.

It’s also the ideal time to have a clear-out. Get rid of all the old and broken books and toys which have seen better days. Any which the children have outgrown but are still in good condition can be cleaned up and donated or sold online or, if you can brave the chilly weather, at a car boot sale. It isn’t just the kids who accumulate clutter though! Go through your own belongings too. Any clothes you haven’t worn, or anything you haven’t used in the last 12 months is unlikely to be again. Donate, throw or sell it.

Start gathering your ingredients for any make-ahead recipes you can work on next week. Stuck for ideas? Don’t worry, we’ll be giving you some of our own right here, starting with this yummy brandy (hic!) mincemeat recipe for your homemade mince pies.

Keep looking out for bargains and discounts, as you can make a lot of difference to your available budget without compromising on the must-have, can’t-live-without gifts that are on wish lists. Keep up your record of deliveries as they arrive, and stay ahead of the wrapping.


We have created a printable PDF copy of Christmas Countdown: Your week-by-week guide to getting organised for Christmas – Week 4 for you to print off and keep.


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