Our Big Family Road Trip: 3 days until our feat of insanity begins!

    As we prepare to set off on our long-awaited trip on Friday, we find ourselves battling nerves and dealing with practicalities on a scale we’ve never faced before. Nine weeks with ten children in total – nine of whom are under ten years of age, is set to be no mean feat.  Ever… Read More

Our Big Family Road Trip: Your FAQs answered

    We find that we’re regularly being asked the same questions about our upcoming road trip.  Here are some answers for you:   Q.  How long are you going for? A. We are going for nine weeks.  And one day.   Q:  Who is going? A:  Mike and I and all but the two… Read More

Our Big Family Road Trip: Two weeks to go!

      ‘At this time in two weeks we will be on the road!’ I told the children this morning. Various cries of, ‘I can’t wait!’ resounded. ‘Wow! Saying it like that makes it seem so real!’ said Caitlin, amazed at how quickly the time seems to have come around. It has come around… Read More

Our Big Family Road Trip: 3 weeks to go and no minibus to go in!

    There’s a saying that the best laid plans of mice and men go astray.  I really hope this isn’t true. There are only three weeks left before we are due to head off on our Big Family Road Trip around France and Italy.  Whilst the children are desperately trying to contain their excitement we… Read More

Our Big Family Road Trip: Let the preparations begin (aka: Screw it! Just do it!)

    As the start date of our big family road trip nears, so does the need to get prepared.  Packing for 2 parents and 12 children is no mean feat for a week away.  Packing for 2 parents and 10 children for nine weeks on the road (the oldest two kids are not joining… Read More

Looks like we’re not the only crazy large family going travelling!

      As we prepare to set off on our two month trip around France and Italy, we discover that we’re not the only large family with itchy feet. The Kellogg family of Colorado have also gone against society’s expectations of conventional living.  Following a two-month road trip last year where they visited 22… Read More