Our Big Family Road Trip: 3 days until our feat of insanity begins!


road trip


As we prepare to set off on our long-awaited trip on Friday, we find ourselves battling nerves and dealing with practicalities on a scale we’ve never faced before.

Nine weeks with ten children in total – nine of whom are under ten years of age, is set to be no mean feat.  Ever the logophile, I looked up the definition of the word ‘feat’, which was stated as being:


a: a deed notable especially for courage

b: an act or product of skill, endurance, or ingenuity


I think ‘feat’ just about sums it up.

Then again, I also looked up the definition of ‘insanity’:


extreme foolishness; folly; senselessness; foolhardiness
a foolish or senseless action, policy, statement, etc.


It seems that what we are embarking on is a feat of insanity.


With the Easter holidays having just passed, I am realising how much the bank holidays have affected things.  Deliveries are delayed and the extra two days of no work coming in has been enough to make me panic.


In true dramatic fashion, I have found myself worrying: ‘What if everyone forgets about us? What if the work dries up?!’


In a more logical moment, I tell myself that we have survived and have had a constant income from week to week for a couple of years now.  The fact that I am working elsewhere apart from my desk should be neither here nor there, and has little to do with things.


I am wondering if my organisational skills still need honing further.


First came the discovery that, despite believing we had rented properties with wifi, came the realisation that actually, none of the properties we would be staying in in Italy had any internet connection at all.  With this realisation came a mad panic.  What do we do?


A day of frantic emails and searching and we were rescued by holidayphone.co.uk who have provided us, free of charge, with an unlimited data SIM to use with a mifi device in Italy.  They are now official supporters of our trip and a company who we thank from the very bottom of our hearts and bank balances – as five weeks with neither of us working would have been absolutely devastating financially!


Now, we have just realised that our plans to upload videos of our trip may be in jeopardy as our camcorder films on 8cm discs and has no SD card slot, and my laptop doesn’t have a disc drive, but only takes cards.  Realising this when we leave in three days is anything but ideal and doesn’t leave us much scope for finding a solution which isn’t going to cost us even more money.


Jalopy the minibus is due a pre-trip wash and scrub-up.  I am fighting the possibility that it is the dirt, mould and rust alone which is holding the vehicle together.  I hope for our sakes and Jalopy’s, that this isn’t the case, and that a little soap and water will cause it to undertake a Grease Lightening type transformation of the minibus world.


The children are finding it hard to contain their excitement now, resembling drug-fuelled ADHD chimps on performance-enhancing steroids at times.  Yesterday we had the obligatory arguments over an empty cardboard box.  We are also having to deal with various ‘Can I bring… ‘ requests, consisting mainly of useless yet evidently highly important objects that I personally would leave for the bin men to collect.


Who knew the value of the remaining half of a table skittle set from last year’s Christmas cracker?


In case you are in any doubt, it is unequivocally, emphatically vital to a trip of this magnitude.


And you thought I was the dramatic one?



3 thoughts on “Our Big Family Road Trip: 3 days until our feat of insanity begins!

  1. I wish there was enough time, I have an HD Video camera that has a 64GB card in it that you could use, if only there was time to send it to you?

      1. Thats brilliant! I’ll look forward to seeing the results!
        Hope you all have a super time, we haven’t had a holiday for a couple of years so this maybe the way to go for our family? but we don’t mind you going first!!

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