Our Big Family Road Trip: Two weeks to go!


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‘At this time in two weeks we will be on the road!’ I told the children this morning.

Various cries of, ‘I can’t wait!’ resounded.

‘Wow! Saying it like that makes it seem so real!’ said Caitlin, amazed at how quickly the time seems to have come around.

It has come around quickly.  We’ve been talking about doing something like this for years but for it to only be a couple of weeks away makes us feel so excited.

And nervous!

I have used various store vouchers to buy trip necessities so expect to see the Parcelforce van pulling up regularly between now and when we leave.  Packing hasn’t even begun, however and the to-do list continues to grow whilst my procrastination level increases correspondingly.  It doesn’t bode well.  I hope that the final week will be productive if only through excitement.

Quite honestly though, packing is the last thing I do as we are still wearing the clothes we will be taking.  We don’t have a dozen dress changes because we don’t need them.  Due to restricted storage and limited budgets we limit the clothes we have and use common sense to create a basic wardrobe.  This means we don’t have a range of clothes for wearing and another collection which can be packed away but we don’t have a wasteful amount of clothes which aren’t worn or are forgotten about under a heap of others.

I am pleased to report that after the last couple of weeks of uncertainty and worry, the minibus on which we are depending has finally passed its MOT!  It doesn’t feel like too much of a celebration given the amount of unknown work that needed doing to it and consequently the amount of money which needed spending in order to do it.  Never mind too that it has gone back to the garage today for a pre-trip service.  I do hope we won’t need to spend too much more now.

The concern now is whether the old Jalopy will survive the 3,000 mile round trip.  Fingers crossed it does, as we wouldn’t want to be stuck in Italy forever!  Or actually, would we…?


Road Trip Map


2 thoughts on “Our Big Family Road Trip: Two weeks to go!

  1. Hi
    I read on your website with great interest as a mum of a large family. I am impressed at your roadtrip plans! It sounds great. I read a Daily Telegraph article about your family (which lead to me to your website!) and it stated your husband was self-employed and you relied on Tax credits for a low income. 2 years ago (when only a mum of 6) we went to France for a long trip. My husband had has his hours reduced and at the time we also received Tax Credits, we were intending to go for the entire school holidays (husband worked in a college) However if you are out of the country for 28 days, your tax credit claim is no longer valid and will be closed down needing to be restarted on your return to the country. I am sure you are well aware of this, but we weren’t! We had to cut our road trip back to 27 days! As your trip is so well known, I am sure you are completely on it with this, I just know it upset our plans enormously!
    Kind Regards

  2. For the past 4 years my family and i (6 kids n ‘im lol ) have traveled to France (drove to Spain twice too!), loaded up the van with the camping gear and off we go, its such an adventure, the kids love it, no amount of books can teach you about the feel of a place, the people, the language. Every time we go the kids try their hardest to speak the lingo, its so lovely to see the smiling faces of the french folk when they try. We’re going again this year but as its my hubby’s fortieth we’re splashing out and getting a cottage We afford this the same as all big families, budget, sacrifice and saving!!
    Enjoy your trip guys, wish i was coming x x

    p.s we visited the The Notre-Dame d’Amiens Cathedral in france, it is quite breathtaking and can be enjoyed even if your not that religious, my youngest daughter and i lit 2 candles inside for my gran and grandad it was a lovely moment. I love the gargoyles too there’s hundreds of them and all different. ( i had to stop talking pictures in the end , the kids were telling me i couldn’t take a picture of every gargoyle lol ! :D)



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