Our road trip at a glance

    With only just over eight weeks to go until we set off, we thought it was time to map out our route. We had a bit of a worry last night when the replacement we found for the first cottage which was cancelled, emailed us to say that they’d cancelled our booking.  I… Read More

Looks like we’re not the only crazy large family going travelling!

      As we prepare to set off on our two month trip around France and Italy, we discover that we’re not the only large family with itchy feet. The Kellogg family of Colorado have also gone against society’s expectations of conventional living.  Following a two-month road trip last year where they visited 22… Read More

10 more weeks until 9 weeks on the road

  I have only just this morning realised that it is exactly 10 weeks until we set off on our long-awaited trip. Yes, that’s only 10 weeks. 10 weeks to make sure passports are ready. 10 weeks to plan what to take. 10 weeks to get the bus ready. 10 weeks to psyche ourselves up… Read More

Our 2 month road trip itinerary is confirmed

    It has been a couple of weeks since we officially announced our plans of a two month road trip early next year.  We had long wanted to visit Italy and had been planning it in our minds for many years.  Last month, what originally began as a dream slowly turned into a reality… Read More

Our Italian Road Trip – Affording it.

  In the comments section of our Italian Road Trip post Jennifer has asked:   How are you guys affording this? We only have five children and I have dreamed of taking trips with them, but we NEVER have the money. I’m sorry to ask such a personal question, but I don’t understand how these… Read More

Our Italian Road Trip 2013: 2 parents, ten kids and two months travelling through Europe

    It has been a dream of ours to visit Italy for years.  As our family has grown flying has become out of the question and so we were limited (by finances too) of holidaying in the UK or through Disneyland Paris’s deal which they’ve had the last couple of years where under 12’s… Read More