Our road trip at a glance


Road Trip Map


With only just over eight weeks to go until we set off, we thought it was time to map out our route.

We had a bit of a worry last night when the replacement we found for the first cottage which was cancelled, emailed us to say that they’d cancelled our booking.  I was short of banging my head on the keyboard at the prospect of trying to find anoher place not only big enough for us all, but also for a reasonable price.  Thankfully, after a few frantic emails it emerged that it was a mistake on the owner’s part and he reassured us that our booking was still safe.  Phew!

For the first time since planning this trip we sat down and worked out our stops.  The red pins in the map above indicate them all and I’ve marked the order they’ll be made in, though I think this map might be a little small to read it.  Anyway, the map still gives an idea of how far we will be travelling over the nine weeks, and it certainly made us a little worried when we worked it out and took a long, hard look at it.

How far are we travelling?

Just over 3000 miles.

In nine weeks.

With ten children.

Nine of whom are under ten years of age.

Yes, I know I keep saying that but humour me – it’s a pretty big undertaking after all!

No, we haven’t got any further with our preparations yet but there is a good reason for that, which isn’t solely down to my procrastination.  We have been speaking with several TV production companies over the last few months and we have received an offer from one in particular which is exceptionally good.  We’re just waiting to hear more as to whether it will definitely go ahead or not – fingers crossed!

(In the meantime, if anyone has any good but reasonably priced European SatNav recommendations please let us know.  This is one of the things which could be quite good for us to organise before we leave!)



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