Our 2 month road trip itinerary is confirmed



It has been a couple of weeks since we officially announced our plans of a two month road trip early next year.  We had long wanted to visit Italy and had been planning it in our minds for many years.  Last month, what originally began as a dream slowly turned into a reality as we scoured the internet planning our route and looking for properties to rent.

The original plan was a month long trip – perhaps stretching to five weeks – six at most.   Not wanting to travel more than approximately 350 miles in any one day, yet wanting to be able to relax and rest sufficiently between stops we found our original 5 or 6 weeks turning into 7 weeks, 8 weeks and more.

We knew we wanted to travel when the weather would be improving, but we didn’t want to still be on the road when it was stiflingly, unbearably hot either.  We decided to begin our travels as soon as Easter was over therefore taking advantage of the cheaper off-season prices.

As we planned our journey we needed to work out the route we needed to take, taking into account the places we wanted to visit.  As it turned out, to get to our planned destination of Italy we needed to drive through France – wouldn’t you know?  Between wanting to keep daily driving as reasonable as possible and the fact that it was often cheaper to rent an entire property for a week rather than a hotel or motorway inn for a night or two we have ended up with an itinerary spanning more than two months.

The first eight days will be spent travelling throughout France with a four night stop to begin with, a two night stop at friends and a further two night stop as we finally reach Italy on day eight.  The next five weeks will be spent at various locations throughout Italy visiting the Amalfi coast, hopefully a day sailing around Capri, a trip on a gondola or two and seeing if we can straighten up Pisa.  Or maybe just visiting it.

Once done we will be heading back along the south cost of France.  We opted against stopping in Switzerland deciding instead to spend a little time in Cannes instead before making our way back up over the next couple of weeks.

To answer those who have asked, our trip has received some interest from a couple of media companies whom we have spoken with regarding them possibly following our journey.  I hasten to add that it is still very early days nothing may come of anything but like I said, we are speaking with a couple of places at the moment and have had several other more general queries.

The book about our trip is a definite.  We knew very early on that this would be included in our plans.  I will keep you updated with any developments or progress on both counts.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our two month road trip through France and Italy please email family@largerfamilylife.com.




5 thoughts on “Our 2 month road trip itinerary is confirmed

  1. So – will the concept of a slightly large family inviting a deffo large family to stay for a couple of nights feature as “media worthy” do you think LOL!?!? I am proud to say that I told hubby you were coming, he asked how many kids and scarcely batted an eyelid when I told him!

  2. It sounds great, you will have such a fantastic time but having done Switzerland on our way to Italy I would really recommend it absolutely stunning.

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