Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – Week 24




We have hit the bit 24 week milestone this week.  This is the week pregnant women count down to then celebrate as the one which states their baby would be viable and have a good chance of surviving if born now.  At the same time we acknowledge this pregnancy milestone we also hope and pray that our baby would stay in utero a good few weeks longer yet, because even though viability is possible it’s not without a great deal of risk and medical intervention.

I am feeling good and the pregnancy seems to be progressing well.  I have a decent sized bump which is now looking more of the pregnancy kind than the “eaten-too-much-ice-cream” kind.  The bump isn’t yet so big that I’m finding the recent days of good weather and sunshine too uncomfortable to handle so that is nice.

A couple of pregnancy symptoms are making themselves known, however – mainly during the night.  My old friend (I use that term extremely loosely) heartburn is back with a vengeance making its routing pregnancy visits mid-sleep.  This means my other old friend Rennie is once again the preferred bed partner.  Sorry, Mike!

Aching hips in the middle of the night are also making a comeback indicating that a second bed partner in the form of Maternity Pillow will also be joining Rennie and myself of an evening.

My midwife is coming out today for a routine ante natal appointment.  I am looking forward to next week when I get to visit my consultant for what will hopefully be the last time during this pregnancy.  She will be giving me the date that the caesarean will be performed so we will have an actual date to count down to all being well and no complications arising, of course!

Hopefully once we have a date in place it will give us the push to start preparing for the new arrival.  It’s funny how the more times we go through this the more relaxed and complacent we become about the new baby preparations.  With my first I was ready to go by my twentieth week of pregnancy!

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  1. As another chronic popper of the midnight Rennies, I’ve discovered another remedy which I find works for longer though it’s fairly vile – a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda stirred into some milk. It’s rather unpleasant to drink and it makes me burp horribly but it works. I suffer from chronic heartburn as a matter of course (whether pregnant or not) and it’s a nice cheap option if you can stomach it 😉

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