Remove educational boundaries, encourage creativity and watch children soar

    Eight-year-old Eddie is super-creative. I mean he is super-creative. He loves crafting, painting, making, sewing, drawing… he’s just a creator of the nth degree. He loves to read, loves science, loves to find out how things work and why, but his natural leaning is towards anything creative. I swear, there is nothing this… Read More

Redefining education

      Yesterday I explained why the recent results of national tests had confirmed that our decision to home educate our children was the right one.  Today I want to explain why a good education isn’t just about achieving high grades in the top subjects, and how home educating is a feasible, realistic alternative… Read More

Home educating four years on. Were we right to do it?

      Earlier this week I linked to a series of posts I wrote on why we decided to home educate our children.  It has been four years since that series was written, and with that time has come four years of home educating. A few things have changed in the way we work… Read More

Why did we decide to home educate our children?

We have received more and more questions on home educating from people who are considering it for their own families and from those who are just curious to know more. I wrote a series of posts back in 2009 which gave our reasons for choosing to home educate (or homeschool, as some call it) our… Read More

Home Education: What would you like to know?

      Home education has become increasingly popular over the years.  Whilst it was once thought to be solely a privilege of the rich or famous who could afford private tutors it has grown slowly, quietly, even stealthily up into the ranks of becoming an increasingly accepted form of education for families. The number… Read More

Our 2 month road trip itinerary is confirmed

    It has been a couple of weeks since we officially announced our plans of a two month road trip early next year.  We had long wanted to visit Italy and had been planning it in our minds for many years.  Last month, what originally began as a dream slowly turned into a reality… Read More