Thinking of home education? Your main questions answered

    We have had so many queries from people wanting to find out more about home education that I thought it might be easier to put a reply on here. If any other home educators would like to add anything please do. As we know, there is no right or wrong way to home… Read More

Home education: The main information in one place

      When we knew 16 Kids and Counting wanted to follow the home educating aspect of our life I felt quite apprehensive. ¬†Well, I felt apprehensive in general, but felt so with regards to home ed as I wanted to do it the justice it deserved and I didn’t feel ’15 Kids…’ did… Read More

Remove educational boundaries, encourage creativity and watch children soar

    Eight-year-old Eddie is super-creative. I mean he is super-creative. He loves crafting, painting, making, sewing, drawing… he’s just a creator of the nth degree. He loves to read, loves science, loves to find out how things work and why, but his natural leaning is towards anything creative. I swear, there is nothing this… Read More