Basic pancake recipe

    Whether you prefer your pancakes with something sweet or savoury on top, here is a basic pancake recipe to get you on your way.   Ingredients: (Makes 10-12) 120g plain flour (preferably low gluten) 2 eggs 200ml milk 100ml water oil for frying   Method: Sift flour into a bowl. Whisk the eggs… Read More

Valentine Marble Cake

    Mike had a busy day today. As well as sorting the twins’ bedroom in preparation for decorating within the whole 11 days we have left until Baby #13 arrives, tag-teaming me in dealing with the kids and watching the rugby, he also made a delicious Valentine Marble Cake just for me. Yes, I… Read More

The Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipe Ever

    Whether you prefer individual Yorkshire puddings or to have your batter surrounding your sausages in a Toad-in-the-Hole recipe, this recipe is extremely hard to beat.   Ingredients: (Makes 12 individual Yorkshire Puddings) 250g plain flour 4 eggs 1tsp salt 300ml whole milk 100ml water A little lard.   Method: Sift the flour and… Read More

Easy Shortbread Recipe

    If you’d like to keep a supply of biscuits to hand but aren’t sure that you’ll have the time to bake them when they’re much-needed, turn to this quick and easy shortbread recipe. It uses basic storecupboard ingredients and takes minimal time to create the dough which can then be frozen for up… Read More

Lebkuchen Christmas Biscuits

      Lebkuchen is a gorgeously spicy German biscuit not very unlike gingerbread, which is traditionally made at Christmas. These biscuits will store for up to three weeks in an airtight container. Makes approximately 50-60   Ingredients:   For biscuits: 100ml honey 100ml treacle 150g dark brown sugar Zest of half a lemon Zest… Read More

Mince Pie Pastry Recipe

        Your mincemeat recipe should be all jarred up and ready to go. You know Christmas is getting closer when you can no longer resist the lure of this delicious festive treat. Gather the kids and have fun making your own mince pies this year! This recipe will make enough pastry for… Read More