Strawberry Mousse Cake

    A crunchy biscuit base topped with a sweet, creamy mousse made with fresh strawberries makes this a delicious summer treat for the whole family. This recipe makes one 9″ cake.   For the base: 150g butter 40g digestive biscuits 2tbsp caster sugar   For the mousse: 400g fresh strawberries ½ lemon 600ml double cream 100g… Read More

Spring flower cake pops

    There is nothing quite like fresh flowers to let you know that spring has finally arrived. What better way to celebrate the end of winter than with a Cake Pop Flower Bouquet?!   (Makes approximately 20 cake pops) Ingredients: For cake: 2 medium eggs 180g self raising flour 140g caster sugar 120g butter… Read More

Chocolate Easter Nests

      Children love helping out with this quick and easy Easter recipe. They also love eating the ingredients as you go. My tip is to ensure you have plenty of extra ingredients to hand for your little helpers to feast on as they ‘help’! This recipe makes approximately 30 nests.   Ingredients: 15… Read More

Valentine Marble Cake

    Mike had a busy day today. As well as sorting the twins’ bedroom in preparation for decorating within the whole 11 days we have left until Baby #13 arrives, tag-teaming me in dealing with the kids and watching the rugby, he also made a delicious Valentine Marble Cake just for me. Yes, I… Read More

Christmas Present Mini Sponge Cakes

      Want something a little festive but different this Christmas? How about these Christmas Present Mini Sponge Cakes? Rather than serving up slices, give each guest one of these instead!   Ingredients: Makes approximately 25 mini sponge cakes For Cakes: 6 eggs 14oz light brown sugar 18oz self-raising flour 4tsp baking powder 14oz… Read More

Marzipan Madness: Wonderful Recipe Ideas For Marzipan

    It’s a real shame that many people only think about using marzipan around the holidays or perhaps for a celebration cake. It’s also a shame that when people do use marzipan they tend to just use it as a sub-layer beneath the icing of their cake. Marzipan is a wonderful thing, and has… Read More