Marzipan Madness: Wonderful Recipe Ideas For Marzipan


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It’s a real shame that many people only think about using marzipan around the holidays or perhaps for a celebration cake. It’s also a shame that when people do use marzipan they tend to just use it as a sub-layer beneath the icing of their cake. Marzipan is a wonderful thing, and has a multitude of uses for anyone who likes to bake. Not only is it tasty, but it’s also a great modelling material. So if you’ve got a block or two of marzipan in your store cupboard don’t wait for Christmas, take it out now and try some of these wonderful recipe ideas.

  1. Marzipan Models. Marzipan is great for making models or decorations. It’s pliable and easy to work with, takes colour well and, let’s face it, tastes great. You can get as creative as you like with this. From marzipan fruits to marzipan animals and people, or even simple cut outs like these holly leaves on this fruit bundt cake. This kind of decoration is easy to make with a simple template cutter, and adds a bit of visual excitement to the cake.
  2. Mix It Up. It’s pretty standard to use marzipan as a topping for a cake, or as a layer beneath the icing, but why not include it in your cake mix? These delicious Marzipan and Pear cupcakes not only use marzipan to make the decorative pear topper, but also incorporate it into the cake mix to add a scrumptious almondy taste to the cupcakes.
  3. Traditional Topping. So this is hardly the most original idea, but using marzipan as the decorative coating for your cake is great. It’s softer than icing, and of course its natural flavour adds an extra layer to things as opposed to the straight up sweetness of ready to roll icing. A fruit cake is the traditional base when using marzipan, as the nutty flavour complements the fruit perfectly.
  4. Perfect For Princesses. Marzipan is an important ingredient in the traditional Swedish Princess cake. This yummy domed cake is full of light sponge, jam and topped with a mountain of whipped cream all covered with marzipan. To make it authentic it’s important to dye the marzipan a soft green, and then top it all off with a delicately crafted pink marzipan rose.

So when you’re thinking about your next masterful baking project consider incorporating marzipan. It’s a fantastically useful ingredient that can make your next creation something special.









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