5 top tips for perfect pancakes


Tossing a Pancake



Get your pans ready for another pancake tossing extravaganza! Or if you’re anything like us, trying to catch the pancake in the pan again after some over-zealous throwing.

Want to know how to make perfect pancakes? We’ll tell you!


Perfect Pancake Tip 1: Keep your batter lumpy

Don’t worry about beating every little lump of flour out of your batter. Lumps are good. Honest!


Perfect Pancake Tip 2: Use low gluten flour if possible

Using low gluten flour will create tender, softer, fluffier pancakes.


Perfect Pancake Tip 3: Let the batter rest

Allowing the batter to rest will give the gluten in the flour a chance to decrease giving you lighter, fluffier pancakes. 30 minutes at room temperature is good or, if possible, overnight in the fridge.


Perfect Pancake Tip 4: Make sure your oil is hot enough

Whether it’s butter or oil, whatever your choice of fat make sure it is hot enough before you begin adding the batter. Heat it up on a higher heat, then when you’re satisfied that it’s hot enough to start cooking reduce it to a medium heat.


Perfect Pancake Tip 5: Turn your pancakes at the right time

When the edges crinkle and dry up, it’s time!


Click here for a basic pancake recipe you can try today!












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