Paddy Cooks… Lemon, Ricotta and Pea Linguine

    The 8-year-old kid chef has been back in the kitchen this week – several times, in fact. Keen to hone his skills and to continue making good, tasty food for the family, he decided to create this recipe. We are certainly not complaining as it really is delicious. At this rate, Paddy’s plans… Read More

Paddy Cooks… Gennaro Contaldo’s Tuna Gnocchi

  For Christmas Paddy received a number of cookery books including a couple written by his hero Gennaro Contaldo (as well as a couple more by second favourite, Jamie Oliver). It is Paddy’s dream to one day be the chef of his own restaurant. He also wants to write his own cookery book and send… Read More

The Magic Door Store: Bringing Fairies to Life

        Having three little girls there has been no shortage of stories about fairies in our house. Sometimes they’re recreating a film they’ve seen but more often that not they’ll come up to us and tell us their own tales from their imagination. It’s lovely to see how their brains work and… Read More