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Having three little girls there has been no shortage of stories about fairies in our house. Sometimes they’re recreating a film they’ve seen but more often that not they’ll come up to us and tell us their own tales from their imagination. It’s lovely to see how their brains work and watch their faces as they tell us about all the adventures their favourite fairies have gone on.

When we found out we’d be receiving a magic fairy door from The Magic Door Store we thought this was a great opportunity to feed their imaginations. We snuck upstairs and placed it above the skirting board before calling them up to see. Luckily we were able to take it stealthily from the kitchen downstairs to the girls’ room upstairs without anyone noticing as the packaging is slim and compact.

On the back of the door are four sticky pads which you use to stick it to the wall. All we had to do was peel the backs of the pads off and fix it against the wall and that was it!

Of course, how could you know it was a fairy door without the sparkly fairy footprints? The small pot of glitter included with the door really helps to make the magic come to life as when the girls saw the prints, they were ecstatic that a fairy had actually been in their room!

When it came to the big reveal Libby and Isobel immediately loved it – Anna on the other hand took a little bit more convincing! While the idea of fairies living in our house was great while it was in her head, having an actual entrance to their world seemed a bit scary to her. With some encouragement from Libby she quickly came around and now she won’t stop talking about it.

The Magic Door Store doesn’t stop at fairies – they have doors for elves as well! What we love about The Magic Door Store is that you don’t have to stop at a fairy door as there are lots of adorable accessories that you can buy separately to help your fairies and elves settle in. We doubt it will be long before our fairies get a nice welcome gift. After all, the magic bench and stepladder are too cute to go without!


Buy a fairy or elf door from The Magic Door Store here (RRP: £20.00).


In the meantime, enjoy this video of everything you need to know about fairies according to Libby, Anna and Isobel:





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