Simple Ways to Find the Time to Exercise as a Busy Parent


As a busy parent, you’re always watching the clock. Whether it’s the school drop off and pick up, fun athletics program, appointments to attend, important dates and obligations, all while you’re juggling housework, homework and everything else that comes your way. With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why parents struggle to find the time to exercise.

Exercise is important for our overall well being, and if you’re a parent getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthy heart and keeping up your strength is crucial to raising a family and continuing your busy lifestyle. When we fail to exercise we can feel sluggish, unhealthy and irritable – making it difficult for you to be the best parent you can be.

Regular exercise will keep us happy and healthy, and the good habits we share with our children today can have positive consequences for their futures. So, how can parents find the time to include exercise in their daily routines? Let’s explore some simple ways, below.

Invest In Home Exercise Equipment

When you have little children at home, the idea of going to the gym or leaving the house for a run isn’t always practical. So, why not bring the gym home to you? Investing in some home exercise equipment like this selection of kettlebells from BLK BOX is the perfect starting point for any parent looking to increase their fitness levels and get into the swing of things. Equipment like kettlebells provides a full-body workout, which means you can tailor your exercises to suit your needs without investing in multiple kits or space-consuming equipment.

Mix Exercise and Your Errands

If you need to head over to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription or collect the kids from school, combining your errands with exercise is a simple, effective way to include exercise in your day. Instead of taking the car, take your bicycle instead, take the stairs rather than the lift and if you do need to take the car, consider parking as far away as possible and walking/jogging the rest of the way. Even ten minutes of added exercise a day, can get your heart pumping and increase your fitness levels.


If it’s one thing that parents are good at – it’s multitasking. You can also apply this skill to your exercise routine. If you need to listen to the kids read their school books, do so whilst sitting on your exercise bike. If you want to catch up on your favourite show when the kids have gone to bed, do some sit-ups or stretching in front of the TV. Instead of having a lie-in on the weekends, get up an hour earlier and enjoy a jog around the block. Click here to read what happened when I completed a 5K every other day for a month. 

Get Your Family Involved

It’s much easier to incorporate exercise into your daily routine when the whole family is involved. So, go for walks after dinner, do some yoga at home in the living room together, be more active and play football, netball or chase a little more often. It’s a wonderful way to spend more time together and get healthy!

Final thoughts…

These tips will help you incorporate fitness into your everyday routine and perhaps even help you to change your life. Start today!







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