The Benefits of Sports in Schools


While there are obvious fitness related benefits to taking part in sport, sportsmanship has ahost of other advantages as it teaches skills such as perseverance, respect and resilience.

These qualities can be taken off the pitch and injected into other areas of a child’s life, making them all round better learners and more equipped to face life challenges. To explore the benefits of sports in schools in further detail, take a look at these insights from an
independent school in Somerset.



Team sports introduce children to the concept of working with others to achieve a shared objective. They will learn to make decisions based on the good of the team instead of only thinking of their own personal success. Sport promotes good communication skills as children negotiate challenges with their teammates and learn to give and take constructive=criticism in order to improve the performance of the group.



Experiencing the highs and lows of competitive sport will teach children to embrace their victories and dust themselves off after their losses. Learning to bounce back after a failure is an important life skill and helps children become more open to taking risks and stepping out of their comfort zones. Failing at something often teaches a child more than winning does, as it highlights areas that need improving and encourages them to preserve and build upon their skills. Learning to take set-backs in their stride will help children remain positive in the face of adversity which will assist them throughout the rest of their lives.



Sport can have a huge impact on a child’s confidence. It allows them to nurture and develop skills which will give them a sense of pride as they see their abilities progress. Team sports also help children to form stronger bonds with their peers and encourages them to create connections outside of their regular friendship groups. This helps to develop better social skills and gives them a sense of belonging, helping to boost their self esteem and allowing them to feel confident when communicating with others.








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