Healthy Swaps For Your Go-To Meals



When it comes to healthy eating, small changes are often easier to maintain than huge overhauls. Check out these healthy swaps you can make at each meal!



Many convenience breakfast foods, such as frozen waffles or pancakes, lack nutrients and will leave you starving by mid-morning. Try these 3 simple ideas to stay energized:

  1. Make a batch of pancake or waffle mix using pure ingredients on the weekend and stash them in the freezer. Pop them in the toaster during the week for a quick and nutrient-dense breakfast.
  2. Leave the butter and jam in the refrigerator and spread nut butter on your morning toast instead. Give almond butter, cashew butter or sunflower seed butter a try for a tasty protein punch!
  3. Quinoa flakes are a quick-cooking and nutritious alternative to sugary oatmeal packets. Add maple syrup, cinnamon, and dried fruit for a healthier way to sweeten your breakfast!



A lunchtime salad can be either a nutritional powerhouse or a diet disaster! Make yours a powerhouse with these 3 smart swaps:

  1. Choose vibrant greens instead of iceberg lettuce. Spinach and kale are great choices.
  2. Avoid cream-based salad dressings. Brighten up your greens with vinaigrette dressings made with heart-healthy olive oil.
  3. Don’t forget to add lean protein! Swap out bacon bits or fried chicken strips for grilled chicken or roasted turkey instead.



Making healthy choices at dinner can be tough, especially when you are eating out. Try these swaps at your favorite restaurant:

  1. Are you craving pizza? Avoid greasy chain restaurants. Often smaller pizza places will offer healthier local meat and vegetable options to top their pies. Pile on the healthy ingredients!
  2. Is Mexican food on the menu? Skip hard-shell tacos and opt for soft corn or flour tortillas. Soft shells have less fat because they are not fried like crispy shells.

Swap out cheese dips for guacamole in moderation. The avocado in guacamole provides a healthy source of fat. Just beware of the sour cream in guacamole by keeping your portion small.

  1. Do Chinese take-out and a movie sound like a good way to spend a lazy evening? Order brown rice instead of white rice to boost your fiber intake.

Steer clear of fried or battered dishes. Order steamed rice instead of fried rice. Chicken with broccoli is a delicious choice instead of battered sweet and sour chicken!



When it comes to healthy eating, there is always room for dessert! Remember that eating dessert in moderation is key. Check out these alternatives to take your dessert from bad to better:

  1. Avoid cream pies, such as banana cream or coconut cream. Stick with fruit fillings instead to reduce fat and calories.
  2. When baking treats, try to incorporate healthier, pure ingredients into your recipes. Using whole-wheat flour instead of white flour can add nutrition to your cookies and cakes. If you are feeling ambitious, experiment with recipes using other alternative flours, such as almond flour, bean flour blends or coconut flour!
  3. Try sweetening your baked goods with honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar instead of white sugar.


Make Healthy Eating a Habit!

These simple swaps are a great way to get started eating better overall. Once you get used to these, you can incorporate other diet changes into your lifestyle. Before you know it, eating healthfully will be second nature!





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