My Weight Loss Success Story: Now Featured on the DDP Yoga Site Itself!


How ridiculously excited am I?

Allow me to tell you!

I have just received notification that my weight loss story is now featured over on the DDP Yoga website itself! Words cannot even begin to explain how thrilled I am.

It was only fairly recently that I revealed all about our weight loss journey. I admitted how serious my self-loathing had become yet I was never able to make the change. I had an excuse… always.

Finally, I received a wake-up call and Mike and I made a decision that we would change the one thing that I had so far been unable to. The question was, could we finally find a method that worked?

We did!

And it does!

I completely, undoubtedly, 100% believe in DDP Yoga and that it does work. I bought it on my brother’s recommendation and the pictures speak for themselves. It works!

Here is the post explaining what changes we made that enabled us to lose 80lbs in four months between us but to find out how wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (yep, we hadn’t heard of him either until November), and his DDP Yoga programme has changed my life, click over to the DDP website to read my story now. DDP might say that it’s not your mama’s yoga, but let me tell you, it’s definitely this mama’s yoga indeed!


(Please note that I have not been paid in any way, shape or form to promote DDP Yoga. I am promoting it as a very happy customer who can prove that it has worked. I paid for the programme myself and committed to stick to it. I am ridiculously over the moon with the results. As such, I will recommend it to anyone and everyone, shouting it from the rooftops if I have to).



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