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Running a blog is, as the Guardian points out, a great way to make a living today, or at least contribute to it. The problem is everyone knows that today, and it can be a challenge to get your blog noticed amid all the competition.

There’s a wide range of strategies to achieve this, but one of the most important is guest blogging.


What Is Guest Blogging?

Many successful blogs, while they generate most of their own content, are open to other bloggers making guest posts. This offers a golden opportunity to be read by a larger audience, or at worse a different audience, some of whom will follow the link back to your blog. Flow Ink Digital, a marketing agency within Bishop’s Stortford Hertfordshire, has raised the profile of a number of sites by finding guest blogging opportunities.

Guest blogging is a great marketing opportunity, but it’s vital it doesn’t come over that way. Recently, as econsultancy reports, it’s got a bad name because of spam masquerading as guest blogging. To do it properly, your focus should be on providing high-quality, informative content. As long as you do that, the visitors will come to your blog.


How to Go About It

It’s important to find blogs that not only have a strong, active following and rank high in search engine results, but are also relevant to what you write. They don’t necessarily have to be the same as your own blog, though. Think about who might be interested in your perspective — for example, a wide range of sectors might be interested in a large family’s experience of products or services.

You can find relevant blogs through sources like Google Search or guest posting communities like MyBlogGuest. Alternatively, reliable publications will sometimes give recommendations — here, for instance, is the Telegraph’s list of the top interior design blogs.


Don’t Be Generic

Get to know the blog, so you can approach the owner as a reader, not a cold-caller. It can help to leave comments on posts, as long as they’re interesting and informative. When you pitch to the owner, be specific about what you’re proposing to write. It would help if you can identify a gap in their content you can fill.

It’s essential that content should be tailored to a particular blog, rather than generic. Links back to your site and the use of keywords and anchor text should be natural, with the focus on producing great content.

And don’t forget to use social media to promote your posts, and to engage with anyone who comments. Guest blogging is about building relationships, not about a one-off opportunity.




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