Something to lose: Week 5


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I went into the last week with a marked determination to stick to the plan, and I did. Despite my efforts, this week provided me with the lesson that there is no such thing as ‘surely’.

I ate within my limits although tracking fell to the wayside a little. However, as I was sticking to the same old meals I had already been eating, I was already familiar with their points values.

My newly-increased exercise regime also featured strongly since my last weigh-in, with 5k covered for four of the seven days, and 3k on the fifth. I took two days off to rest when I was feeling a little under the weather but felt that surely I would reap the rewards of watching my points and combining it with exercise?

It was with huge disappointment when I stepped onto the scales this morning, watching the numbers flickering back and forth until they settled at the same point as last week.

I lost nothing.

Then again, I gained nothing either.

But still, I lost nothing.

I couldn’t believe it! Surely, it would stand to reason that I should lose something, wouldn’t it?

I stepped off the scales.

And stepped on again.

The result was the same.

I moved the scales over an inch or two across the floor. You know, in case there was something terribly wrong with the way the lino lay that would affect the display on the scales.

I stepped on.

No. That didn’t work either. Still the same.

I waited for the display to switch off completely.

I stepped on again.

And off again.

And on again.

And off again.

And on again.

Still my weight stayed the same.

Realising I was at risk of creating a step aerobics workout in the shower room using the scales as my equipment I decided to try and re-weigh myself after a 5k session on the cross trainer. Yes, that was bound to do it.


So after half an hour of gruelling determination, interspersed with the odd cry of… well, just an odd cry really, I congratulated myself on completing yet another 5k. My congratulations to myself were spoken within my head – my speech severely compromised given my debilitated capacity to breathe after such exertion.

I walked back towards the shower room, my appearance strongly resembling a sweaty tomato on wobbly legs. Triumphant and unpeturbed I stepped back onto the scales.

One pound is bound to have come off after all that. Come on! Or rather, off!

And I watched as the numbers flickered once more.

And I couldn’t believe it.

I stepped off.

And on again.

And repeated it several more times until I finally had to concede that my weight this week remains the same as last week.

My displeasure knows no bounds. After all that effort disgrunted doesn’t even come close to how I feel. I was completely and utterly discouraged.

And what did today’s antics teach me?

Did it teach me that I must get out of the habit of compulsory weighing whenever the opportunity arises?


Did it teach me that I must only weigh myself once a week? Once only?


What it taught me is that I now desperately want a set of bathroom scales which shows half pound increments. Because losing half a pound is psychologically kinder than me thinking that I have lost nothing at all.


Let’s look forward to the week ahead, shall we?


Here is our progress so far:



Total lost to date: 16lbs (1st 2lb

Still to lose: 54lbs



Total lost to date: 12lbs


Combined loss to date: 28lbs



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6 thoughts on “Something to lose: Week 5

  1. Yes a set of scales with half pound increments would be good! Do not get disheartened, you’re getting fitter and surely that is the main thing, think how much stronger all your muscles are getting, including your heart. The weight will come off, keep going! x

  2. Most likely lost weight but gained some muscle pounds so feel good. You’re doing it for all of us (or at least me until I have my baby 🙂 ) then I’ll be in the same boat with you.
    A much lighter boat haha

  3. I hear you. I have been determined this past month to lose weight but the progress has been slow and even went up after week 2-3. I did buy a new digital scale which is nice to show the point value mark. It also has BMI which I didn’t know if I would really use. It has been encouraging to see that my body fat has gone down some and water level is up. Makes me feel like I am overall healthier though externally I am not noticing a big change. Hang in there! Keep your end goal in mind!

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