In light of today’s media interest – a repost…


 This post was originally published earlier this year but due to an increase in visitors this morning following today’s feature in the Daily Mail, I thought it would be nice to once again gather the answer to any of the most frequently asked questions here, so we have revised and re-published it.  There is also an FAQ tab at the top of the site along the menu bar which links to some articles (including addressing the overpopulation ‘issue’).


… I’d firstly like to say hello to all visitors to this website.

Hello and thank you for visiting.

Next I’d like to say that if you are in or around London or the South East and need any carpentry or joinery work done (kitchens, furniture, staircases, animal housing, windows, doors and more) please visit our family business or email

If you would like to buy our books Larger Family Life or Twin Pregnancy Diary you can find both on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

If you would like to order a custom quilt as a gift for someone special please see some designs at our other site or email or  We can make other designs so if you don’t see what you want there get in touch and tell us the kind of thing you’d like.

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If you are one of those who have been busy calculating how much our family is costing you in taxes you really ought to read Why home educators are doing other taxpayers a favour.  Ironically, it turns out you might owe us money!

For those of you who saw 15 Kids and Counting and aren’t aware of how editing plays a big part in the shows you see you really need to read The Truth About 15 Kids and Counting.  I was never ill, our lives were never in danger and there was never a risk of any of us dying.

And if you’re feeling generous can you please consider making a donation to Help Oliver Walk?  Oliver is the son of a friend and her husband who is a soldier in the Army.  Oliver was starved of oxygen at birth and now has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy.  He cannot use his legs but has been given the opportunity to have an operation which is only available in the US.  We need to raise £72,000 for it.  You can read his story here and see details of the Help Oliver Walk charity auction our website ran for him too raising almost £700 towards his target.  You can donate through Just Giving or via Paypal.  Please visit

Edit: Oliver’s target was reached and he has since had his operation which was a huge success. He’s now walking on his own two feet! Thank you to everyone who supported his cause. You can find out how Oliver and his family are doing at

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Forgive me for touting our businesses but you know how it is… we have to pay for all these kids somehow!


4 thoughts on “In light of today’s media interest – a repost…

  1. You are an inspiration to us all!!! I struggled with just one child lol.

    You should see if you can get a deal with Hello or Ok mag – the amount they pay ‘celebrities’ for stories/exclusives we’re not interested in …….I would much rather read about REAL people 🙂

    Ignore the ‘negativity’ – some people will always find something to moan & rant about – jealousy usually 😉 xxx

    1. The thing that makes me laugh (or frustrates me – depending on my mood) is that we are easily contactable, I have addressed all the issues they repeatedly claim to know about yet still they won’t take five minutes to look them up, preferring instead to authoritatively declare things that aren’t real or true… and their sheep green-arrow them in the process! You have to laugh at such pig ignorance really!

  2. I showed the article to MIL (as #boy10 is desperate to stay with you & thinks he’s even more entitled now he share a birthday with I!!!) ….this was MIL’s response….. “What an amazing happy family – those children will have some wonderful memories to talk about  when they are older”

    How true 😉 xxx

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