June 29, 2016

“15 Kids and Counting” – the truth about the programme

In January 2012 our family was featured on a television programme in the UK called “15 Kids and Counting”.  The programme gave the impression that my/the twins’ lives may have been in danger.  This was not the case and never had been.  At no point was my life nor the twins’ in danger.  In fact, I had already blogged about my pregnancy and also published the Twin Pregnancy Diary five weeks before the show aired and it proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the way things really happened were in no way similar to the recreation of the pregnancy in 15 Kids and Counting.

Viewers were given the impression that we continued to put my life at risk because that is what religion tells us to do.  We feel very sad that the show was edited this way as we feel it would have made perfectly good viewing without the additional, created and fabricated drama.

For further explanation and clarification please read the following posts:


For the real story about our twin pregnancy you can read our Twin Pregnancy Diary, written in our own words which tells you what really happened.  I’m afraid it wasn’t as dramatic but the truth is here (remember, it was published weeks before the show even aired):



The show also claimed Mike and I met in our twenties.  We actually met when I was 13 and he was 15 and began dating when we were 14 and 16 respectively.  After a couple of years together we split up and then reunited in our early twenties.


Edit January 2015: We now have 13 children and still no problems either before, during or after pregnancy. I am also considered fine for a 14th, if we so decide. You can read an update on our family written a year after 16 Kids… aired by clicking here.