Top 20 Weird and Unusual Baby Names of 2012

    Yesterday we brought you the most popular baby names of 2012. Today, we have trawled the net to track down some of the most weird, unusual and quite simply unbelievable names that people worldwide have named their babies in 2012.   Top 20 Weird and Unusual Baby Names of 2012   1 Hashtag… Read More

Top 20 Funny Names That Aren’t Illegal But Probably Should Be

  Following our post on the Top 10 Illegal Baby Names along with last week’s post on more banned baby names from around the world I decided to look into some strange names that some people have been landed with over time. After a short time of putting odd words into the search boxes of I… Read More

The top 10 illegal baby names

  We prefer to stay safe when it comes to naming our children, opting for more traditional, old-fashioned names.  Celebrity culture has been an influencer of trends for a long time, but Yahoo has come up with the top ten illegal names from around the world. You cannot name your child Talula Does The Hula From… Read More