Top 20 Weird and Unusual Baby Names of 2012



Yesterday we brought you the most popular baby names of 2012.

Today, we have trawled the net to track down some of the most weird, unusual and quite simply unbelievable names that people worldwide have named their babies in 2012.


Top 20 Weird and Unusual Baby Names of 2012


1 Hashtag – The one name which trended all over the world for all the wrong reasons.  Her birth and unusual name was announced by her mum, not on Twitter as you might expect, but on Facebook.  Maybe Hashtag’s parents were trying to outdo last year’s social media inspired name of Like, named after the Facebook button, chosen by Israelis Lior and Vardit Adler for their daughter?  However, it is still unclear as to whether Hashtag’s name, (or # for short), is a hoax, as nobody has come forward to confirm or deny that it has actually been registered.

2 Princewilliam  – 2012 seems to have seen a rising trend in merging words to create a name.  All the better if the first word is a royal title.  Joining Princewilliam is Kingsoloman and Kingdavid.

3 Milady – A diva in the making if ever there was one, methinks!

4 Barack Obama and Mitt Romney – Okay, so technically they should be numbers four and five in our list.  And no, we’re not talking about the two the world already knows about but the lesser known South West Kenyan twins.  Yes, really – a parent did do that to her children.

5 Yoga – Not a name to get yourself all tied in a knot over. Hehe!

6 J’Adore – What’s not to love about this name?

7 Popeye – ‘I know!  Let’s name our child after a one-eyed, pension-aged sailor with a speech impediment!’

8 Drifter – Either mama had a craving for the chocolate bar, a love of the doo-wop R&B band or just her hopes for her child to be a hobo.  I’m hoping it’s the first.

9 Mowgli – ‘Hey honey!  Did you hear about those idiot parents who named their kid after a one-eyed, pension-aged sailor with a speech impediment?  What kind of life will that child have, haha!  And what about the parents to named their child Drifter?!  Why would they do that to them?!  Anyway, we’re decided on Mowgli, yes?  You know, the feral kid from The Jungle Book…’

10 Hippo – I really hope this kid doesn’t turn out to be a fat one or he is in for a life of intense teasing and ridicule.  Well, he’s in for it anyway.  Is there anything worse than a boy named Hippo?  In fact, I’m not even sure he is a boy.  He might be a girl.  A girl named Hippo.  Yep, I would say that is worse than a boy named Hippo.

11 Jedi – So when this child has a stroppy teenage tantrum (probably over his stupid name) and walks out slamming the door behind him, then comes back two hours later because he’s cold and hungry, his parents will turn to each other and say, ‘It’s the return of the Jedi…’.  Yes, sorry.  I couldn’t come up with anything more original but feel free to share in the comments if you can!

12 Casanova – I wonder if he and Romeo have ever been friends?  The parents of this child have not given much thought to his future. His pulling power is certain to be greatly affected with his opening line, ‘Hi, I’m Casanova’.  You can just picture the girl turning on her heels and walking away right… now.

13 Monalisa – We’re back to that name merging thing again.  Maybe this baby had an enigmatic smile?  Or was it just wind?

14 Burger – ‘I love burgers so much I’m going to name my firstborn after them!’.  Or was it, ‘I love my child so much I’m going to name him after a fatty food made of ground up beef’.

15 Mango – And if you’re after a healthy name for your child instead…

16 ESPN – Yes, these parents did.  Honest.

17 Corleone – Did these parents receive an offer they couldn’t refuse?

18 Cougar – 2012 has seen a rise in animal names.  There has been an increase in boys named Cougar, as well as those named Wolf and Bear too.

19 Tiger – The girls haven’t missed out on animal names, thankfully(!).  Tiger is in the list, as is Bunny.  Remember, the names in number 18 on the list are for boys, and the names in number 19 on the list are for girls.  Don’t mix them up otherwise they’ll just sound stupid! *rolls eyes*

20 Eh – I foresee a lot of detentions for the 14, yes, 14 girls named Eh in future.  You can picture the scene new.

New teacher: ‘And what is your name?’


‘I think you mean pardon. Now what is your name?’


‘Stop being so rude. Now for the last time. What. Is. Your. Name?’


‘Right, that’s it. It’s half an hour after class for you!’



Do you know any names that are ‘different’?  And what do you think about them?  Are they innovative and fun or just setting children up for a lifetime of ridicule and bullying?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.  (Remember, you need to register with Larger Family Life (not WordPress) in order to leave a comment.  Register here!)



One thought on “Top 20 Weird and Unusual Baby Names of 2012

  1. Some people! The most unusual one we had, if we had had a girl was Zinnia. It’s such a pretty name, but we decided against it because we found out it’s a flower that only lasts a year and we’re too paranoid for that 🙂

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