The top 10 illegal baby names


We prefer to stay safe when it comes to naming our children, opting for more traditional, old-fashioned names.  Celebrity culture has been an influencer of trends for a long time, but Yahoo has come up with the top ten illegal names from around the world.

You cannot name your child Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii if you are in New Zealand.  Would you want to name your child that if you lived anywhere else?

How about Venerdi?  Not in Italy where it means Friday.  Where would that have left Robinson Crusoe?

Or what about Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116.  Yep, a Swedish couple did attempt to name their baby that. Other illegal names in Sweden include Ikea, Metallica and more recently the Swedish Tax Authority refused to allow parents to name their child Allah on the grounds that some people would take offence to the name.

Gesher isn’t allowed in Norway because it means Bridge.  In fact, Gesher’s mother was jailed for two days for naming her child inappropriately.

Apparently, it seems Smelly Head is an illegal name too.  In Malaysia at least.  Take my advice, if you go there on holiday don’t call anybody Chow Tow.

It’s ok in the middle of your email address but calling your baby @ is not allowed in China.  Supposedly familiar to the symbol for “love him”, the Chinese authorities disagreed and so it’s on our list of illegal names.

Miatt is not allowed in Germany because the authorities state that it doesn’t clearly show it being a boy’s or girl’s name.

Parents in Denmark are not allowed to name their child Anus.   Why?!  Why would you even do that?  Unless you are an Anus yourself, I suppose.

Ovnis is an illegal name in Portugal because it means UFO.  In fact Portugal has an extensive handbook on what you can and can’t name your baby.  Tomas gets a thumbs up but you get a big, fat no to wanting to name your child Tom.

Finally, the name Devil – or Akuma – is illegal in Japan.  Again I ask, why?

So there are a fair few illegal names from around the world here.  Have you heard of any others?


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16 thoughts on “The top 10 illegal baby names

  1. Have you ever heard anyone name their baby Andrik? I never have heard the name til my cousin had a little boy and she decided to name it that. Then again it is cute and different.!!!

  2. Well my ex-boyfriends name is Liver, pronounced “Lee-ver”, the name took a little time to grow on me, now i like it enough to name my child LIVER but only if its pronounced Leever!

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