Top 20 Funny Names That Aren’t Illegal But Probably Should Be


Following our post on the Top 10 Illegal Baby Names along with last week’s post on more banned baby names from around the world I decided to look into some strange names that some people have been landed with over time.

After a short time of putting odd words into the search boxes of I came up with the following list of funny names which are not (or at least were not) illegal and are all very, very real.

Top 20 Funny Names That Aren’t Illegal But Probably Should Be
  1. Cholera D Pigg – As if having a surname like Pigg isn’t enough to make life a little difficult your parents also decide to name you after a deadly disease.
  2. Devil B Mary – Well, what on earth could this baby have done to be named Devil, I wonder?
  3. Laxative Thomas – Talk about a bum deal on this name.
  4. Flora Toilet Nunn – It conjures up images of a scented WC in a convent, doesn’t it?
  5. Key – Not sure if this was just someone with the surname Key and no first name but his father was called Monkey Key.  “Son, if I had to have a stupid name then so did you!”
  6. Planet Hill – This name is out of this world!
  7. Anna Banana Baptista – Anna Banana – it rhymes!
  8. Strawberry Hunter – Because someone needs to protect us from those savage strawberries.
  9. Fishy Scales – This persons parents either had a great sense of humour or were completely stupid and embarrassing.
  10. Brainy Fish – Ditto
  11. Leper Champagne – We’ve named you after a deadly disease but hey, your surname’s Champagne so let’s celebrate!
  12. Elmer Salty Sellers – Salty Sellers?  Salt cellars?  Get it?
  13. Paradise Beautiful Earth – No pressure on that kid.  Much.
  14. Hairy Berry – I can’t decide if being named Straw Berry would have been better.
  15. Berry Straw – Close enough.  And no.
  16. Windy Miller – There are quite a few of these.  None from Camberwick Green though.
  17. Apple Apple – So turns out Gwyneth wasn’t quite as original as she thought.  Gutted!
  18. Pooey Law – Still, the law is the law and we must abide by it.
  19. Scab Dover – Has the wound on your hand healed yet?  Yes, it’s Scab Dover!
  20. Mini Cooper – Car-azy name!
Suddenly my name doesn’t seem so bad after all!
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8 thoughts on “Top 20 Funny Names That Aren’t Illegal But Probably Should Be

  1. My aunty Audrey was an English teacher out in Zimbabwe for over 40 years and she came across some absolutely cracking names. She taught 5 brothers who had all been named His Majesty King George VI. She also taught a girl called Petrol and another called Semolina.

    A friend of mine’s father worked for a man called Mr Lear. He had a daughter called Shandy.

  2. I never heard about names being illegal until we lived in Germany. I think so nick names should be illegal. We had a little boy at church one time whose name was chicken. His real name was chicken. I could hardly believe it

  3. My dad met a person with the first, middle, and last name being Maria.
    Maria Maria Maria
    So, what’s your first name?
    What’s your middle and last name?
    Maria, and Maria
    I said your middle and last name.
    It’s Maria.
    *Argument goes on for an hour*

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