The redecorating chaos continues…

    Work on the house has continued this week and, as you might expect, stress levels have been ever-so-slightly increased. The problem is that the house is only a certain size, possessing a certain amount of space and where storage and room to move is limited. When two rooms are out of action and… Read More

Quick bedroom makeover ideas: Wall murals

    With less than two months until we have a new addition joining the family, we thought it was about time we started decorating the bedrooms in order to shuffle everyone around and create a space for the baby. Harry and Eddie are our science nerds, and as they’re growing older they’re becoming more… Read More

The white living room is almost finished

    We have been working on redecorating the living room.  I think this is the first time we’ve ever completely re-decorated a room completely, with new furniture and carpets.  The first time ever. And of course the colour you choose when your twelfth child is on the way is… white. A white living room.… Read More