Quick bedroom makeover ideas: Wall murals


Space Adventure Wall Mural


With less than two months until we have a new addition joining the family, we thought it was about time we started decorating the bedrooms in order to shuffle everyone around and create a space for the baby.

Harry and Eddie are our science nerds, and as they’re growing older they’re becoming more similar, so it made sense for them to both be in one room.

‘Can we make it a science lab? Or dinosaur room with fossils and everything? Or can we please have an outer space room?’ they asked.

Time was limited. something special but didn’t have much time or money to invest.

Cue the full-sized wall murals from Kids Wall Stickers. We chose the Space Adventure theme for the bedroom. The mural measured 8ft x 10ft, making it an absolutely perfect fit along one of the walls. Due to the overall darkness of the mural we opted to paint the remaining three walls in a light yellow colour, thinking it might give an impression of day and night, and this actually has worked quite well.

The mural was the final thing to go up once the rest of the room had been painted. It was fairly quick and simple to do and no different to hanging ordinary wallpaper. The mural is made up of 12 panels, enabling you to trim them easily to fit smaller walls if required. The paper is a decent thickness, not flimsy or thin at all, and the pictures are absolutely fantastic.

The children were not told of our plan for the room and were not allowed to enter until everything had been completed. They were definitely surprised, in a good way of course, and immediately loved it. I did try to convince the children that Dad had painted the mural directly onto the wall himself but they weren’t to be fooled. Regardless, these are a great way of giving a bedroom a quick and easy makeover for a reasonable price and terrific results.

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