Large Family of the Week – The Broeders Family


Broeders Family


This week we introduce the Broeders family from Holland. Mum Sandra and her husband have six children ranging in age from 12 down to two-years-old. Here is a little more about them:


*Introduce us to your family (names and ages & tell us a bit about yourselves):

Sandra (38) Stay-at-home-mom. I love life, I see a little sunbeam everywhere and live my life full of confidence. I like knitting, sewing, baking, cooking, reading.

My husband (38) Love of my life for 21 years. Process-operator in shifts and volunteer fireman.

Oldest son (12) A sweet boy with a big heart. He loves juggling.

Oldest daughter (11) A dreamer. She loves reading, drawing, acting and horses. She plays the transverse flute.

Middle daughter(9) Our artist. She loves painting and handworking. She plays the piano.

Middle son (almost 7) A very sensitive boy. Can get very angry sometimes.

Youngest son (almost 4) A sweet naughty boy. Very strong willed.

Youngest daughter(almost 2) My dear youngest one. She is mad about little babies.


*Do you consider your family to be large? If not, what do you think is the magic number which turns an average sized family into a large one?

In my daily life I do not consider my family to be large. But when we are out and people ask me if they are all mine?? I realise our family is a little larger than in common. I think 10 children makes a family big.


*Did you ever think you would have a large family?

Yes, we always did. Since we were teenagers. I  always wanted to be a mum with lots of children.


*What is your best moneysaving tip?



Do It Yourself;  from sewing skirts, knitting socks, sweeping your chimney, make your own bread, sauce, jam, detergent etc. Grow your own vegetables.

And buy second-handed!


*What is your best tip for organisation?

We believe in anthroposophy.

Rhythm in your day, your week,  even in your year is seen as important for children. And we believe so.

Children know what can be expected and that makes a lot of things much easier.


*What is your favourite recipe?

In autumn we love pumpkin soup with home-made-bread.


*Do you cook the same meal for everyone or cater for different tastes?

Most of the time the same meal. Sometimes I pick 2 different  vegetables, so they can choose.


*What is the best thing about having a large family?

All those different kind of personalities!  And all the love.


*And what is the most difficult?

I really do not know?


*If you could offer one piece of advice to parents, what would it be?

Take your children seriously, they know so much naturally.

Just sit down and look at them while playing.

Make time to do fun things together like walking in the woods, baking cookies, go camping.


*Don’t you have a television?

We do have a television.  But  we rarely watch, there’s never something on 😉


*And finally, will you have any more children?!

We will see what the future brings us!


 Please do leave a message to say hello to the Broeders, then pop along to Sandra’s blog over at

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