The white living room is almost finished



We have been working on redecorating the living room.  I think this is the first time we’ve ever completely re-decorated a room completely, with new furniture and carpets.  The first time ever.

And of course the colour you choose when your twelfth child is on the way is… white.

A white living room.

Some might say we are asking for trouble.

Yep.  The carpet was only laid yesterday and the stress levels are rising already.

I’m off to hang the curtains now.  Privacy is a must, you know.

And we still need to hang the photos and I have yet to find an accessory or two.

And then I’m going to work on a patchwork throw or two.

I’ll post a pic when it’s all done.

A pic for posterity, so that we can remember how it once looked when it was new and fresh and clean.

For a day, at least.

4 thoughts on “The white living room is almost finished

  1. There’s nothing like decorating when you’re pregnant, it’s the ultimate in nesting, a must for me every time. I can’t wait to see the photos. x

  2. That looks gorgeous. What does the writing on the wall say? I’d like to get something like that for our living room, but not quite sure what it will say yet.

    I hope that your lovely fresh paintwork and new carpet says safe from sticky fingers and grubby toes for a little while. It would be good to see photos when all the furniture is back in.

  3. What a brave woman you are 😀

    Love the FAMILY sign though, absolutely!!!!

    God luck with your new lounge and hope it stays white and fresh for long 🙂

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