Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – Week 29



I have  been sitting here for a good few minutes wondering what to write as there doesn’t seem very much to report.  This has been a wonderfully non-eventful pregnancy which is always a nice thing.  I don’t know if the discomfort seems minimal in comparison to how I felt with the twins last year but I definitely do not feel as large yet as I remember feeling then.

My old friend heartburn is back although again not as awful as it has been in previous pregnancies.  No doubt, as baby grows and takes up more room it will increase in frequency but for now I enjoy not having to carry a pack of Rennie everywhere I go.  I have started to keep a pack by my bed though as heartburn always seems to hit during the night.

As we go into the third trimester I am waiting for the results of my last blood test which will tell us how my iron levels have been doing.    As you may remember if you followed my previous pregnancies, I have thalassaemia trait.  The nutshell explanation is that I have more white than red blood cells and as it is the red cells which carry oxygen around the body I am left feeling rather more tired, worn out and sometimes dizzy and faint than I would otherwise be.  Iron tablets never seem to help as my body seems to have difficulty absorbing them.  Still, I am not feeling too bad considering.  Tired – but that’s par for the course – and I am prepared for the crippling tiredness to hit in the last couple of weeks as it usually does.

I dreamt, a couple of nights ago, that I was in theatre undergoing the caesarean and a little girl was born.  I still think though that baby is a boy.  What do you think?

Anyway, apologies for the boring update although all in all I have to say that no news is good news and a boring update means that all is as it should be.

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