Review: Gobblet Gobblers

      If you’re looking for a gift to give your child that will encourage strategic thinking and also leave you both in fits of laughter, Gobblet Gobblers is the answer! It’s a twist on the classic Noughts and Crosses and is perfect for younger children. The aim of the game is to line… Read More

Review: Paul Lamond Brain Noodles: Finger Puppets

The kids enjoy making things out of items that are incredibly simple, so you’ll often find spare offcuts of wood from Dad’s workshop that they transform into models, or bits of yard becoming a bracelet or necklace. Eddie hoards cereal boxes so he can make something out of them, often pirates or princesses or even… Read More

Review: Shop Til You Drop

  It’s a game with a simple purpose but one that will reduce children and adults into a giggling mess. The Paul Lamond game Shop Til You Drop involves a die, mini trolley, several yellow and blue objects, and that’s it. You place the trolley on a flat surface, roll the die and then either… Read More