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If you’re looking for a gift to give your child that will encourage strategic thinking and also leave you both in fits of laughter, Gobblet Gobblers is the answer! It’s a twist on the classic Noughts and Crosses and is perfect for younger children.

The aim of the game is to line up three in a row, exactly like Noughts and Crosses. Easy, right? Wrong! The adorable but devious gobblers are able to gobble up your opponents pieces, making it a lot more difficult. It revolves around outwitting your opponent which means you are constantly thinking ahead, whether that’s of your next move or theirs. We found it helps build patience and despite the fact that it can be so frustrating at times, it was a lot of fun.

It is a game meant for younger kids but we’d be lying if we said the older ones didn’t enjoy it too! It’s a great way to wind down before bedtime as the game is usually over within 15 minutes and it won’t make children incredibly hyper.

We think that Gobblet Gobblers is an ideal game to take when you’re travelling as all of the pieces can be packed away in a bag and it saves you carting around lots of different bits and pieces. It’s also brilliant for the environment because you now won’t be wasting paper to play only a couple of games. It’s fun and good for the planet!

If you’re considering getting a board game for your child this Christmas, consider Gobblet Gobblers. It’s suitable for kids aged 5 and over. The only warning we would have is to be careful if you have young babies – you don’t want them to get hold of the smallest Gobbler as it is quite small and therefore a choking hazard.


You can buy Gobblet Gobblers on the Paul Lamond Games website here.




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