Review: Shop Til You Drop

shop til you drop


It’s a game with a simple purpose but one that will reduce children and adults into a giggling mess. The Paul Lamond game Shop Til You Drop involves a die, mini trolley, several yellow and blue objects, and that’s it. You place the trolley on a flat surface, roll the die and then either put in or take out a yellow or blue item. The aim is to not make the trolley buck and tip out the contents.

It’s perfect for children around the ages of three or four, as it helps to adjust their motor skills and keeps them entertained at the same time. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp, so you can just set the game up and leave them to it, as long as there are two or more people playing.

It’s a good plan B if you’re unable to go outside and need to keep them occupied for a long period of time, as they’ll become addicted and feel the need to beat the other players! You’ll be surprised how competitive the young ones can get when faced with a challenge like this!

Whether you’re buying it for your child or as a gift for a friend, it will go down a treat. Perfect for Christmas and birthdays or other celebrations, it makes a great alternative to video consoles. It’s fantastic way of encouraging family time and a game which lots of amusing stories will surround!

We love it as you can play it one-to-one or teamed up, so everyone is able to get involved. The younger ones find something incredibly fascinating about items being flung out of a trolley, especially when it happens to others and they end up winning!

You can buy your own game of Shop Til You Drop by Paul Lamond from Amazon here.



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