Review: Paul Lamond Brain Noodles: Finger Puppets

brain noodles

The kids enjoy making things out of items that are incredibly simple, so you’ll often find spare offcuts of wood from Dad’s workshop that they transform into models, or bits of yard becoming a bracelet or necklace. Eddie hoards cereal boxes so he can make something out of them, often pirates or princesses or even our family.

So combined with their imaginations and their love of art sets, they’re very creative children. Craft sets have been high up on their wish lists in recent years, and Paul Lamond’s Brain Noodles: Finger Puppets was no exception. When they received it, they couldn’t wait to get started. And now that they’ve tried it and loved it so much, a couple of them are asking for another set!

This set includes pipecleaners, eyes, pompoms, crafting foam, chenille sterns, feathers, and stickers. That is everything you possibly require to make finger puppets!

They love finger and hand held puppets as they’re perfect to use in their own animated cartoons, so when they realised there was a set you could buy that contained all the equipment you needed, they were listing all the different skits they could make if they got their hands on it.

It’s advised for kids aged 6-8, but we really see no reason why younger or older children (or adults!) can’t use it. The boys love to make little puppets and then give them to their siblings and watch them play, and then make another and play alongside them.

It’s a good set to buy now that we’re getting colder and gloomier weather. If the young, energetic kids are going to be stuck inside for most of the winter, you need to give them something to let off a bit of steam, so even though they won’t be running about when they’re making these figures, they’ll put their minds into use deciding exactly how they want their puppet to look!

You can buy Paul Lamond’s Brain Noodles: Finger Puppets from Amazon and other good retailers.


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