How to make a patchwork quilt (A tutorial with free pattern download)

    If you have ever wanted to make your own patchwork quilt but were not quite sure where to begin, here is a great-looking yet simple pattern I put together.  You can also download and print off the free PDF patchwork quilt pattern by clicking here.  Here is pinwheel design set within a bordered… Read More

How to create a unique family photo wall feature that costs less than a photo frame

      This is such a simple feature but is always, always commented on by anyone who visits.  Not only is it simple but it’s also very cheap to create. I saw this idea a few years back now but the design we created at the time was set out for only our (at… Read More

Strawberry Jam Recipe

For the preceding days we had been hearing about hurricane storms due to come over to batter Britain at the start of this week. Yes, the end of summer comes with a definite full stop, I thought. When plans for Sunday afternoon were non-existent yet the sun was shining it seemed a shame to waste… Read More