How to make a patchwork quilt (A tutorial with free pattern download)


Patchwork Quilt Tutorial
Patchwork Quilt Tutorial


If you have ever wanted to make your own patchwork quilt but were not quite sure where to begin, here is a great-looking yet simple pattern I put together.  You can also download and print off the free PDF patchwork quilt pattern by clicking here. 

Here is pinwheel design set within a bordered frame which creates the centrepiece of the larger quilt shown here.  Of course, you can always keep them for yourself if you like!  One charm pack is enough for the pinwheels on both quilts.  The fabric used in this pattern is Moda Martinique.  The large quilt measures approximately 55” x 55” after washing so it’s a great size to snuggle up in!


Patchwork Quilt Tutorial


Fabric Requirements for large quilt:

9 x ⅛ yd various prints for pinwheels or one charm pack for both quilts.

1 ⅜ yd white for pinwheels, sashing and border 2

¼ yd print fabric for border 1

1 ⅛ yd print fabric for border 3

7 yd bias binding

4 yd backing fabric





Instructions for large quilt:

 1.    Cut eighteen 5” squares from print assorted range of print fabrics plus eighteen 5” squares from white fabric.

2.    Cut the squares diagonally to make 36 print triangles and 36 white triangles.

3.    Place one print and one white triangle with right sides facing and stitch with a ¼” seam allowance along the diagonal to make a square when opened up.  Open and press seams to darker fabric (Fig.2).

4.    Repeat using one print and one white triangle for each square until you have a total of 36 squares.

5.    Take four squares for each block setting out so that the print and white triangles alternate as you go around the block (Fig.3)

6.    Once arranged to your preference take the top two squares and sew together with right sides facing (Fig.4a).  Repeat with bottom two squares (Fig.4b).  Press seams to darker side.

7.    Take the top and bottom rectangles and with right sides facing sew together to make a pinwheel block as shown in Fig.5.  Measure blocks ensuring they are the same length both width and height-wise.  Trim any excess if necessary.  Cut out twelve 3½” wide strips of white fabric to the length of the blocks.

8.    Lay out your pinwheel blocks as shown and when you are satisfied with the layout, sew a sashing strip to either side of the first lock of the top row.  Add a strip to the right hand sides of the remaining two blocks on the row.  Sew all three blocks of row 1 together and press.  Repeat with rows two and three.

9.    Measure each row and trim any excess sashing ensuring each row has equal measurements of width and height as the next row.  Measure the width of the rows and cut four  3½” wide strips pieces of sashing to the length required.  Sew one strip along the top of each row of blocks.  Sew the fourth and final strip along the bottom of the third row.  Press.

10.  Measure the quilt top.  Cut two strips of the printed fabric for border 1, measuring the length of the sides of the quilt x 2” wide.  Sew to sides and press open.  Measure the width of the quilt and cut two strips of same printed fabric for top and bottom of the border again at 2” wide.  Sew to top and bottom and press.

11.  Repeat step 10 using the white fabric, cutting strips of equal length to the sides with a width of 4”.  Sew to sides, press and measure the width.  Cut two strips of fabric, 4” wide and the measuring the width of the quilt at the top and bottom.  Sew in place and press.

12.  Repeat the above steps using the fabric for border 3, using a 7½” width.  Press your completed quilt top then layer by adding the batting to the centre and the backing fabric, then quilt as desired and bind.





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