A Golden Boy Update (and 33% off Flowers from Appleyard)

    The old year has well and truly left us and the new year is in. 2015 didn’t do too well, and neither did the start of 2016 which left us with concern and worry for my brother who hit a shaky patch in his battle with the evil leukaemia and ending up in… Read More

The Golden Boy Chronicles: 17* Detectives and Other Adventures

    Foreword by me (Tania): Sunday saw my brother undergoing the final day of his first course of chemotherapy to beat leukaemia. He’s doing well and keeping in good spirits. He sent me over some footage of himself carrying out a yoga move that I couldn’t understand his written explanation for, he bugs me… Read More

“My First Night with Leukaemia” – A Guest Post from my Golden-Haloed Sibling

    Friday the 13th proved itself a bugger this month. Never one for being overly – or even slightly superstitious – it wasn’t until a couple of days later that I realised the irony of the phone call I received late that evening. I was freshly out of the shower when Mike and Cait… Read More