A Golden Boy Update (and 33% off Flowers from Appleyard)


Appleyard Flowers Honeycomb Bouquet


The old year has well and truly left us and the new year is in. 2015 didn’t do too well, and neither did the start of 2016 which left us with concern and worry for my brother who hit a shaky patch in his battle with the evil leukaemia and ending up in ITU.

The week turned around on its head though, with Golden Boy recovering and gaining strength by the day leaving us hopeful for the much-yearned-for good news we’ve been waiting for. He is still neutropenic, meaning he needs to be kept away from germs and in as sterile environment as possible, so unfortunately I can’t send him flowers and stuff.

But I can still enjoy them.

So I do what big sisters do and, when Appleyard London offer us a beautiful luxury bouquet, I gratefully accept them for myself.

Well, who could resist? Just look at the bouquet I received, after all.


005 - Copy


The luxury display I opted for was the Honeycomb Bouquet from Appleyard’s Valentine’s Day range and they are truly stunning. Comprising a selection of deep red oriental lilies, velvet red grandprix roses, peach avalanche roses and delicate tanacetum single vegmo, this bouquet brightens up any room with its beauty and scent.


Appleyard London Honeycomb Bouquet


So even though Jimmy can’t enjoy flowers at the moment, I think it would really make him happy if we all did on his behalf instead. What better excuse to treat yourself?

Appleyard London are offering 33% off any luxury bouquet from their range (flowers by post are not included in this offer). Just click on over to Appleyard London, select your bouquet and enter the code BLOG33 at checkout to get your discount.

Golden Boy would like that.



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