Strawberry Mousse Cake

    A crunchy biscuit base topped with a sweet, creamy mousse made with fresh strawberries makes this a delicious summer treat for the whole family. This recipe makes one 9″ cake.   For the base: 150g butter 40g digestive biscuits 2tbsp caster sugar   For the mousse: 400g fresh strawberries ½ lemon 600ml double cream 100g… Read More

Parmesan Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables

  This is a quick, easy and nutritious accompaniment to main meals or a simple, tasty lunch. Either way, it’s delicious and healthy.   Serves 4   Ingredients: 1 courgette 1 aubergine Olive oil to coat Salt and pepper A handful of grated parmesan   Method: Wash and dry the courgette and aubergine then thinly… Read More