Review: Gee Whizz and your chance to win!

      Something that Drumond Park have always been good at is including every member of the family, young and old. This is apparent not only in their board games but also in their more hands-on games such as Gee Whizz. It’s the must-have game in the lead-up to Halloween and unlike Drumond Park’s… Read More

Review: Shout!

  If you’re looking for something to keep the kids (and the grown-ups!) occupied and entertained this winter, Shout! by Drumond Park will hit the nail on the head. There are almost 3,000 challenges in total, with 18 on each of the 167 double sided cards – it will definitely keep everyone  busy for an… Read More

Review: Wordsearch Junior

  The parents who loved Drumond Park’s game Wordsearch will also love the children’s version; Wordsearch Junior. Now, not only can the adults get competitive, but so can their youngsters! But it’s not all about competition; Wordsearch Junior enforces important vocabulary skills which will benefit your child. The best part? Your child won’t even know… Read More