Review: Wordsearch Junior

wordsearch jr


The parents who loved Drumond Park’s game Wordsearch will also love the children’s version; Wordsearch Junior. Now, not only can the adults get competitive, but so can their youngsters!

But it’s not all about competition; Wordsearch Junior enforces important vocabulary skills which will benefit your child. The best part? Your child won’t even know they’re learning since the game emphasises the fun side of it.

Since it’s for ages 4+, the younger ones who haven’t quitelearnt to read yet still want to join in can get straight to work using the starter-level blue picture cards. They’ll still be learning, as they’ll be getting to grips with putting similar images together and sequencing.

For the older children who are a little too young to play the adults version, there is the red level, which uses picture hint cards to lend a helping hand to the players. And for even older children there is the green level, which uses only words, increasing their vocabulary by making them look for consonant and vowel arrangements. With a level for everyone, there’s no excuse not to join in!

So whether your child is a beginner or maybe a little further along in the reading side of things, Wordsearch Junior would make the perfect gift, and will keep the kids occupied during rainy days.

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Order the Wordsearch Junior Game from Amazon now or, for more information and stockists, visit the Drumond Park website here.



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