Retro toys for girls and boys


Magic Tree Vulli

Technology is great but sometimes, just sometimes, don’t you yearn for the kids to step away from consoles, flashing lights and electric sound effects and to just enjoy the simple things? You know, just like we used to do?

We’ve rounded up a fabulous selection of retro toys that are guaranteed to bring back childhood memories for many of you. Best of all they’re still available to buy, so not only will they stir up some long-lost childhood emotions in you but your kids are bound to love them too.


But Mummy, what’s a record anyway?

It took a while explaining what a video was to our ten-year-old. The concept of records was unimaginable to him. Those of us who do fisher price record playerremember singing into our hairbrushes along to those scratchy discs will remember the Fisher Price Classics Record Player with nothing but fondness. Suitable for toddlers from 18 months upwards, this blast from the past comes with five double-sided records which can be stored inside the player. We’re loving that it’s being sold in retro-packaging too. Rock’n’roll!



Wheely good fun!

If you want an extra special gift with a difference, forget the modern cars of today and treat your little one to a traditional retro pedal car from yesteryear. With too many different designs to choose from to list here, you’ll just have to pop over to the classical toy supplier Toy Day and see them for yourself. Be warned though, you’ll probably while away a fair amount of time looking through their wonderful range of classic toys and games.


In a spin

humming spinning topHow many toy boxes in previous years had a traditional tin spinning top stored away in them? This is a great example of a simple toy which provided hours of entertainment. Who else remembers sitting mesmerised as they watched the spinning top’s patterns merge whilst it hummed steadily as it went? Suitable for children from 12 months, it’s available over at right now.


A lazy cat and singing mice

It has to be Bagpuss and his friends doesn’t it? They told the story of toys coming to life when nobody was looking long before bagpuss toysWoody and Buzz. Now who remembers the intro? Bagpuss, Bagpuss, Old fat furry cat-puss…


Pop goes the weasel!

I can’t imagine a spinning top without its must-have companion – the good old Jack-in-the-Box. This traditional tin toy plays the familiar tune as you turn the wheel. It is recommended for children aged 3 and up but supervised younger children will love the anticipation of waiting for Jack to pop up too!


Are you being served?

Long before the days of pin numbers and speedy conveyor belts and at a time your parents and grandparents had clipped a coupon for every product imaginable, there were basic cash registers. None of these bright lights and fanciness, oh no! And nobody does Fisher Price Cash Registerretro better than these guys. It’s the Fisher-Price Cash Register. No swiping. No fuss. Just a simple till used at the shops that Peter and Jane used to shop at. Remember them too?


Cowboys and Indians

Does anyone even play that any more? Choose from traditional cap guns or how about revisiting the comic book days of the Bash Street Kids with a spud gun instead?


Who remembers the Magic Tree?

Magic Tree VulliWe couldn’t let a piece on retro toys go without mentioning the Magic Tree by Vulli. Do you remember the swing? And the garage tucked away in the trunk? Oh, and the lift! I loved this toy! Forget getting one for the kids – I want one!


What toys did you have and loved til the end? What did you always want but were never lucky enough to get? And which of these are you tempted to put under the Christmas tree this year?









4 thoughts on “Retro toys for girls and boys

  1. Slightly off topic but what About good old fashioned conkers ( for older kids obv) shocked at how few kids play this now!! It’s free lots of fun and I honestly can’t remember anyone I know getting seriously hurt playing it ( so no goggles required in my opinion) hunting for them is fun and gets them out even my 14 year old forgot he was a teenager and got stuck in 🙂 xxg

    1. Funnily enough we were out conker-hunting a couple of weeks ago. Do you remember all the tricks we used to try to keep our conkers super-strong? Did pickling them in vinegar really work, do you think?!

  2. Yes – I was telling the kids all the tricks we used to have the best conker not sure they worked though was fun trying. Do you remember all the rules me and the Hubby remember different rules – if you make player drop their conker do you get to keep it I know there used to be an option of stamping on it but keeping that one to myself lol. I made your Banana breakfast muffins today – will definitely be making them again and again and my house smells yummy 🙂 x

  3. I believe that kids when explained about the different techniques while playing with a more advanced toy, they find it more exciting. Thanks for the blog.

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