Why kids shouldn’t friend their parents on Facebook (and why parents should friend their kids!)

      Once upon a time all kids had to worry about was being kissed in public, or about mum wiping off dirty faces with a spitwash in front of their friends. But now parents have Facebook. Meet the embarrassing parents of the 21st century…   Dad is getting familiar with Facebook…    … Read More

Parenting Moments: Parenting Moment #1

    You know that parenting moment when you think your two-year-old twins are sleeping but you discover they’ve been playing with their brother’s (non-toxic) chemistry set instead? That.    I’m thinking of creating a new series called ‘Parenting Moments’. If you have a parenting moment you’d like to share please email a pic and description… Read More

Are family meals around the table dying out?

      Family mealtimes around the table are becoming increasingly rare as researchers reveal that only 49% of families gather for their evening meals. More than one in ten of the 713 parents studied said that their families rarely ate dinner together, opting to sit in front of the television instead, and just 11%… Read More

The Top 10 Ways That Parents Snoop On Their Kids

    One in five parents have been ‘shocked’ by content they have discovered on their children’s email, text or Facebook account according to a recent study by internet and mobile security firm BullGuard. The study of 2,000 parents of kids aged 10-17 showed 61 per cent regularly snoop on their kids with concerns emerging that… Read More

What’s your opinion? Does size matter?

    Some say that bigger is better. Others believe that smaller is more manageable. What is the truth behind the theories and why do some women prefer one to the other? A recent thread over on our pregnancy forum began the discussion, so I thought I’d bring it out here for your opinion. So… Read More