Why kids shouldn’t friend their parents on Facebook (and why parents should friend their kids!)

      Once upon a time all kids had to worry about was being kissed in public, or about mum wiping off dirty faces with a spitwash in front of their friends. But now parents have Facebook. Meet the embarrassing parents of the 21st century…   Dad is getting familiar with Facebook…    … Read More

5 Things I Want My Children to Know

      Sometimes, my older children drive me bonkers. They frustrate me, they infuriate me and they really, really drive me me up the wall.  You’d think parenting might get easier the older they get, but this isn’t always the case.  Why do I get so upset with them?  Because they tend to forget… Read More

Ages and stages

    Today brings a range of parenting emotions to the fore as my oldest, Ben celebrates his 20th birthday. It seems like it was only a short while ago that he was a chubby baby, bouncing in his seat, taking in the world around him.  Just like Isobel is now…     And I… Read More