Review: CrazyTalk Animator 2

  Recently one thing that some of the family have been getting into is editing. Before we always enjoyed seeing how it worked, but never really had the skills to actually do it properly ourselves. In fact, while we’re growing in the video editing department, animation is still a soft spot, which is why we… Read More

Review: WebAnimator Plus by Incomedia

  Animating a short film or power point with Incomedia’s ingenious software WebAnimator Plus makes creating things easy and efficient. You don’t need to know how to code HTMLs, and there’s no Flash involved. Everything you need to make a brilliant advertisement, game, or film is on this single program, with no hidden necessities involved.… Read More

Review: CrazyTalk7 PRO

  Animation is a wonderful thing. Our children love it, whether that’s watching it, or animating objects themselves. There may be a lot of programs on the market to help you take the first steps in animation, but our favourite so far has to be CrazyTalk7 PRO. Animating with this program is entertaining, and easier… Read More