Review: CrazyTalk Animator 2



Recently one thing that some of the family have been getting into is editing. Before we always enjoyed seeing how it worked, but never really had the skills to actually do it properly ourselves. In fact, while we’re growing in the video editing department, animation is still a soft spot, which is why we loved CrazyTalk7 PRO so much.

CrazyTalk7 PRO, allowed us to animate a photo of someone (the actor) and have them do different things. You were able to make them laugh or talk, as well as changing things like eyes and teeth. This resulted in a (rather demonic) edit of Isobel laughing manically!

Since reviewing the CrazyTalk7 PRO, we’ve also discovered CrazyTalk Animator 2, which allows you to animate not only faces, but the entire body. Like the CrazyTalk7 PRO, it includes example actors which you can then edit until you are happy with your model.

You can animate your actor to be anything from happy and excited to angry and upset. There is even a difference between a happy run and an angry walk! Whether you choose to edit Onion or office worker Walter, it’ll be fun and interesting for everyone to decide exactly what they should make them do. In fact, as well as the prepared heads that you can use, you can also make your own out of a photo! Then all you have to do is add a cartoon body and select what you want your model to do.

Once you figure out all the gems of this piece of software you’ll be in for hours of fun. When we set it up, at first it was slightly confusing but soon enough we knew what we needed to do in order to create an animation.

Being able to make the actors walk and run, changing their expressions and even their moods really opens up a new world. It’s brilliant for everyone, especially those who are new to editing and animating and would like to ease into it.

If you’d like to buy CrazyTalk Animator 2 or just find out more about it, visit here. 


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